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Control Weeds and Have the Greenest Grass in Town

Having a lawn that is healthy and lush is the goal of almost every homeowner, but it can be difficult to achieve. There are several specific steps you can follow if you want your grass to be part of a green and weed-free lawn that your neighbors will talk about.

Best Weed Elimination Tips For Your Lawn

The type of weeds that tend to thrive in your yard has some bearing on the control methods you'll use to prevent them. However, there are some steps you can take to keep nearly every kind of weed from gaining a foothold in your lawn.

To get rid of existing weeds, it's best to treat the area with a product that controls them through elimination. If it's time to feed your lawn, you can choose one that combines both fertilizer and weed preventer. Otherwise, applying a weed control product to problem areas will help eliminate the unsightly weeds. If there are just a few popping up sporadically in your lawn, it may be best to simply pull them by hand.

Best Ways to Have the Greenest Grass Possible

Getting rid of the weeds is the first step toward having a lawn your neighbors will envy, but it is definitely not the only step. There are several things you'll need to do on a regular basis to keep your grass looking as good as possible.

You'll first want to make sure you've chosen the right grass for your area. The temperatures and average rainfall in your area, as well as the kind of soil you have, all play an important role in the kind of grass that thrives in your lawn. Some grasses are naturally greener than others, but they may not do well in your climate. It's important to do some research rather before buying grass seed to avoid purchasing those that might die in your colder climate or wither during your dry season.

Aerating the lawn is a task that is essential in helping grass roots grow and thrive, but it is one that is often overlooked. Aerating is the process of taking small plugs of soil from the lawn. Removing the plugs of soil helps provide additional oxygen and moisture for grass roots that could otherwise be essentially smothered by compacted soil. A manual or powered core aerator removes plugs of earth using hollow tines and can be purchased or rented from a garden supply store.

Once the lawn has been aerated, you can add more seed to increase the appearance of thick, luxurious grass. Experts recommend choosing grasses known for their dark green color, including clover that can add an eye-popping dark green tinge to your lawn. Along with adding seed, you'll want to include fertilization in your lawn care tasks. To bring out the green color you want, it's recommended that you choose a fertilizer that is highest in nitrogen compared to its other ingredients, phosphorus and potassium. 

Finally, be sure that your lawn gets at least one to two inches of water per week, according to its growing requirements. If your climate doesn't provide that amount through rainfall, you'll need to water to supplement it. 

If you don't have the time, the expertise or the physical ability to do the aeration, fertilization and weed control your lawn needs, a lawn care service can handle the job for you.


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