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Landscape Design & Installation

The Art of Landscape Design Beautifully landscaped property begins with a sound design and careful installation. Cut-N-Edge designers are passionate about their work. They create appealing landscapes that complement the unique needs of a property. Like interior design, landscaping sets a tone and creates a lasting impression. 

Experts guide the choice of appropriate plants based on drainage, irrigation, and available sunlight. The science of horticulture blends with the art of design. The life cycle of design and installation includes ongoing maintenance. A landscape company like Cut-N-Edge is also a lawn company that takes care of maintaining the landscape. 

When designing a landscape, the process includes the design phase, site survey, material selection, installation, and long-term maintenance and health of the landscape. Designers work on simple site improvements, elaborate renovations, and entire community construction. 

Knowledge of Landscape Designers Texas summers are hot. Landscaping design takes into account plants that keep the landscape beautiful and healthy. Stifling heat has an impact on the landscape. Appropriate plants and tips for beating the heat are part of the landscape design and installation. 

Some of the advice has to do with lawn mowing and mulch. People often think it is best to lower the mower blade to decrease the frequency of cuts. Leaving grass a little longer promotes a healthier root system. It increases drought tolerance, reduces evaporation, and decreases weeds. 

Mulch is another means of slowing evaporation. Mulch allows soil to absorb water before it evaporates. It moderates soil temperature. Plants develop stronger root systems. They are more resistant to disease, insects, and drought. A landscape professional looks at the existing conditions and helps make the selections and groupings that are capable of surviving the season and extend the budget. 

The Landscape and Installation Process The landscape and design process begins when a landscaping company like Cut-N-Edge makes a personal evaluation and has a consultation with the client. Someone from Cut-N-Edge determines the landscaping that best complements the existing landscape and home. 

The landscaping company develops a design to meet the taste and budget of the client. The master plan for a landscape design defines the scope of the project and the cost of installation. The feedback from the customer and the designer's interpretation of the goals drives the design. 

After presenting the plan to the client, a discussion that refines the scope of the work and the budget takes place. The client receives an outline of the phasing options. Scheduling commences with the signature of a contract and a deposit for the project. 

The designer gathers materials and reserves labor for the project. There is communication throughout the installation to ensure implementation of the design. As the project evolves, change often occurs. There is a discussion of any needed changes. 

The changes range from simple plant adjustments to unforeseen issues. The designer communicates with the client when opportunities and problems arise. When a project is intact, a review of the installation determines the quality and completeness. The client receives advice about the appropriate care.


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