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Protecting Your Lawn From Grubs

When most people think about what the perfect lawn looks like, their vision isn't likely to have holes and mounds of visible dirt around the property.

In many cases, this signifies that moles have discovered their favorite food source - June Beetle Grubs - in the earth below your grass.

For homeowners, this is a less than ideal situation, and taking steps to protect your lawn is a smart precautionary effort.

First, let's get more in-depth about the subject of grubs.

Southern Masked Chafer grubs are most common in Northern Texas.

Their entire life cycle can last three years. However, once they've reached adulthood, they can live for up to one year, laying eggs for the generations that are yet to come. When they are in the larvae stage, they pose the most severe threat to your lawn. They feed off of the grassroots, which can cause the turf to die off.

They are also notorious for destroying crops and pastures, so lawns aren't the only target for these hungry, destructive insects.

Generally, these pests make their appearance in late May sticking around through June. Shaped like an oval and armed with pincers, they often feed on the leaves of landscape plants. If you notice large brown areas where green grass once grew, and that's easily pulled from the ground, grubs are often to blame.

Further, when June bug larvae are present in your lawn, they attract moles, which can cause further damages to the yard. If you notice small hills of fresh dirt or lines of risen turf, moles could be busy digging.

Every time they dig, the more damage they do to your landscaping. It's a never-ending cycle, and a losing battle, if you don't put a stop to it.

Get Rid Of The Grub - Be Rid Of The Moles

The most effective way to be rid of the infestation of moles is to get rid of the grubs. Without the food source that attracted them there in the first place, there is little reason for them to stay. There's no need to trap or release these little rascals when they figure out there is nothing there for them to eat.

If you are searching for a DIY solution to killing grubs, applying an insecticide formulated to handle this specific pest can curtail invasions.

The more logical solution is to hire a professional landscaping company that specializes in handling these outbreaks.

When you work with a Rockwall landscaping company like Cut-N-Edge, their lawn care services help to keep your lawn looking its best all year long. They follow all the best practices to keep the grubs - and other pests from infesting in your yard. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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