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Spring Is Almost Here

Spring is almost here, and it's the perfect time to get serious about that landscape makeover before the season gets into full swing. Landscape design is an extension of your home. It makes outdoor living enjoyable and increases your home's looks and value.

For a complete landscaping transformation, consider the services of a landscaping company. Professionals have all the tricks and tools to make your ideas a reality. For example, Cut-N-Edge Lawn & Landscape begins with a consultation. Only after your approval does their work begin. Let this guide help you organize your ideas and be ready for your landscaping makeover consultation.

Start with the Front

Begin your landscaping makeover with the front yard. It's all about first impressions. Realtors call it curb appeal. Think about ways to wow guests before they even come in. Colorful flowerbeds, mailbox gardens, window boxes, container gardens, and retaining walls are great ways to create great curb appeal. Take note of how you plan to complement existing trees and shrubs. Now is also the time to evaluate the looks of your lawn and address problems like weeds, bald spots, and uneven growth.

Hardscaping Projects

Decide now what hardscaping projects you might want to complete. This can include adding a porch, patio, deck, sidewalks, fences, and arbors. It's best to get these projects done first. They involve construction which can compact the soil and damage plantings.

Planting Next to the House

Foundation planting should work to complement a house, not cover it up. Choose groundcover and low-growing shrubs for low windows and porches. Consider larger shrubs and small trees for the corners of your home. They frame and soften your home's structural lines. A few flowers will add color and instant charm.

Now to the Back

There are dozens of ways to make your backyard an outdoor living area with landscaping. Large shrubs and small, fast-growing trees can add privacy around decks and patios. Shrubs can also create walls around the perimeter of the backyard. When planning a backyard makeover, keep your wants and needs in mind. If your backyard gets plenty of sunlight, it might be a good place to grow herbs and a few vegetables. Perhaps you need a good play area for the kids. A landscaping professional can suggest projects to enhance the backyard for beauty and to suit your lifestyle.

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