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What Are Some Landscaping Terms?

Would you be surprised to learn that investing in professional landscaping can increase the value of your home significantly? But before you embark on a project, it's essential to know some of the standard landscaping terms and how it is beneficial to incorporate them into your landscaping.

Aesthetics - The term aesthetics refers to your yard's overall look, feel, and design. Ideally, the goal is to make your home and property look more appealing.

Balance - A balanced landscape design means there's a good mix of plants that create symmetry and cover a large portion of your yard.

Borders - Borders help separate different areas within your lawn but should not be too rigid.

Color - The color of your grass and flowers should complement one another to produce the desired effect.

Edging - Edging plays an essential role in landscaping because it prevents plants from encroaching onto the flower beds, sidewalks, or the road. In addition, it helps create clean lines and utilizes materials such as plastic, metal, or stone.

Fertilizers - There are many fertilizers, each with its own set of nutrients. When choosing one, make sure to look at your plants to decide which type would be best for them.

Irrigation System - If you live in an area that frequently experiences droughts, an irrigation system may be necessary to prevent your lawn from dying.

Mulch - There are many different types of mulch, so it's essential to consider which one would look best in your yard.

Drainage - Drainage is a significant factor in landscaping, as it can affect the overall design of your yard. You must have proper drainage, especially if you live in an area that gets a lot of rain.

Aeration - It's a good idea to aerate your lawn at least once a year. Aeration is a process where plugs of soil get removed from the ground, allowing water and air to penetrate the ground. In addition, aeration helps nourish the ground cover's roots for healthier growth.

Staking - Sometimes, plants need support until they get established. That's why many homeowners stake plants when they first plant them to help them thrive.

Maintenance - Maintaining a beautiful landscape can be quite a time-consuming task. If you don't have the time or money to regularly put it into your yard, hiring a professional landscaping service might be best.

Preservation - Many homeowners opt for more low-maintenance landscaping styles because it can help reduce water consumption and other resources needed for upkeep.

If you live in Texas, and you could use a hand with an upcoming landscaping project, contact Cut-N-Edge Lawn. We're a landscaping company that offers free quotes and estimates and guarantees excellent service for all of our customers.

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