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It's Time to Start Thinking About Fall

With fall just around the corner, Texas homeowners would do well to think about fall clean-ups to their yards and gardens. Hiring a landscaping company to beautify your landscaping and add seasonal color is just the thing.

Fall Clean-Ups

Fall clean-ups ensure your lawn and garden stay pristine as the cooler months approach. This includes mowing your lawn, trimming back plants and bushes, and raking up dead grass and leaves.

In hiring a professional landscaping company, you can be sure these tasks are done right so that your yard and garden stay healthy into future months. For example, lawns should be trimmed to a certain height to ensure the grass stays healthy as the weather turns cooler. Allowing dead grass and leaves to remain on your lawn can kill the grass underneath, leaving dead patches that are hard to recover in the summer months. Ornamental plants and bushes should be pruned back to endure winter and for healthy growth in the spring.

Controlling Weeds and Feeding and Aerating your Lawn and Garden

Once your yard and garden have been trimmed and rid of dead grass and leaves, it is time to control weeds, fertilize and aerate. These tasks are necessary for the health of your lawn and garden. 

Some of the most common types of unwanted weeds and grasses in Texas are chickweed, clover, crabgrass, dandelions, grass-burs, Johnson grass, and nutgrass. Choosing the right weed killers makes all the difference. Not only will you want to treat established weeds, but also any seeds waiting to emerge. Fall is the time to use pre-emergent herbicides. These types of herbicides target unwanted weeds and grasses before and after the germination process has begun. However, it is important to use these products correctly to ensure you do not harm areas where wanted plants and seeds are or will be planted.

The fall and winter months are also the best times to fertilize, giving your grass and plants the added boost needed to survive winter, and grow stronger and more beautiful in spring and summer. A good landscaping company will choose the best fertilization products and aeration methods for your plants and lawn.

Adding Seasonal Color and Mulch

What Texas home would be perfect without seasonal plants and flowers to insert the right pop of color for fall. Some prime candidates are Chrysanthemums, Fall Aster, Copper Canyon Daisies, Mexican Mint Marigold, Mountain Sage, Mexican Bush Sage, Philippine Violets, Coral Vine or Queen's Wreath, and Sweet Autumn Clematis. Professional landscapers will choose the right plants and flowers suited for Texas and your garden.

To keep your new plants looking beautiful and healthy, adding the right mulch in the fall months is crucial. Mulch acts as a blanket covering for roots, providing the layer of protection needed for harsh winter freezes. 

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