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Because Heath, Texas suffers from bouts of extreme weather all year long, Cut-N-Edge knows how vital it is to provide expert lawn maintenance and fertilization services to keep your lawn looking green, lush and showcase perfectly.


While some lawn care businesses offer only limited services, Cut-N-Edge creates a consistently implemented program of professional maintenance and fertilization that addresses the specific needs of your lawn.


Cut-N-Edge Wants to be a Part of Your Lawn's Life

Don't let your lawn suffer from low self-esteem because other neighborhood lawns are making fun of its weeds, its brown patches, and overall drabness. Call Cut-N-Edge today to receive a free estimate or schedule an appointment for your lawn to gain some much-needed tender loving care from our licensed lawn technicians.


Full-Service Landscaping

Licensed by the Texas Department of Agriculture, we use only high-quality products to grow the thickest, greenest lawns in Heath and throughout northeastern Texas.


Don't Neglect Winter Lawn Care

We recommend aerating your lawn before cold temperatures hit Heath, Texas to eliminate dense areas of thatch which could inhibit growth in the spring. Aerating should be a part of any lawn care maintenance program to keep your lawn looking fresh and healthy.

Landscaping in Heath, TX

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