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Preparing Your Landscape For Winter

Updated: Jun 11, 2018

The winter season is the harshest time of the year for the lawn and plants due to high winds, ice, and heavy rain that arrives. If not appropriately prepped, the landscaping can become severely damaged and be difficult to repair. If you want to ensure that it can maintain its appeal and continue to thrive during the winter months, there are a few essential steps to take. 

Aerate the LawnCompacted soil can cause the grass to die due to a lack of air and water that can reach the roots. Aerating the lawn in the fall season is necessary to ensure that fertilizer and water can seep deep into the soil to ensure that the grass doesn't die. Aerating the lawn will help to strengthen the roots after you fertilize it.  Fertilizing the lawn will also encourage the roots to grow during the winter months. The nutrients will be replenished, which will prevent dead spots from developing. 

Prune the ShrubsThe last time that you can prune your shrubs is in the fall to prevent them from becoming overgrown in the winter. You can also hire a professional to spray oil onto the leaves to prevent them from drying out due to high winds and low temperatures. 

Trim the Trees Hire a professional Rockwall Landscaping Company like Cut N Edge Lawn to trim the trees on the property to prevent the branches from having contact with your home's roof. Many branches are prone to causing damage during heavy storms and on windy days, making it necessary to cut them back enough. Cutting the branches will also prevent critters and animals from having access to the roof and having shelter on the building.

Trees that are located close to your driveway or the sidewalk will need gypsum, which will prevent the roots from absorbing any of the salt that is applied to the ice that forms to prevent slippage.

Replace the MulchFlower beds are one of the most fragile parts of the landscaping but can survive the winter season if they're cared for ahead of time. Remove mulch that is present and replace it with a new layer to protect your flowers and plants. A deterrent can also be sprayed on the flowers by a company like Rockwall Landscaping Company if deer are present in the local area. Adding new mulch will also prevent the flower beds from freezing in cold weather conditions. 

Fertilize Although most people make it a point to fertilize their lawn, the trees also need the same treatment to ensure that the soil receives enough nutrients and stays moist. You'll increase the productivity of the soil and will also strengthen the roots by fertilizing the property, which can prevent the trees from being pulled out of the ground on days when the winds are strong. You also won't have to worry about dead tree branches falling off and onto your home if fertilizing is performed during the fall season.


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