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The Most Popular Types of Grass

Is the grass always greener on the other side of the fence?

The answer is sometimes "YES," but not all grass is the same. Some grass is short, and some are tall. Some lawns may be green or have no grass at all. To keep your property looking its best on your side of the fence. It takes some maintenance, some lawn maintenance.

Lawn maintenance is the ability to love and care for your yard all year around. Knowing the type of grass growing on your turf is essential to maintaining that beautiful green landscape; not all yards are the same. Let's look at some of the most popular types of grasses that may need some attention in your yard.

Popular Types of Grass

Some of the most popular types of grass to identify in your yard are; St. Augustine, Kentucky Bluegrass, Zoysia, Carpet Grass, Buffalo Grass, Centipede grass, or Bermuda grass, mainly grown in the South. There are cooler-weather grasses that will turn brown and lay dormant through the winter and then spring up green with a fresh look in the summer, even though there are over 12,000 species of grasses worldwide. Scotts also has a great blog post on how to identify different types of grass.

Let's take a look at some of the most common or the most popular types of lawn grass that are grown in the United States. Helping you identify what may be on your side of the fence and how to maintain that beautiful landscaping all year around.

St. Augustine:

This type of grass is popular in the South. The dark green, thick, flat

blades make it feels like you are walking on a shag carpet. This grass is shade tolerant if you have a lot of trees in your yard.

Kentucky Bluegrass:

There are two types of Bluegrass; Kentucky Bluegrass and Rough

Bluegrass can grow up to two feet tall and can be identified by

their v-shaped leaves.


Zoysia is a luxurious grass that can be found or grown in the South for its ability to tolerate drought, shade, and direct sunlight. It has smoother light green blades.

It will remain green and hardy much longer than most grasses do in

this region.

Carpet Grass:

Carpet grass grows well in coastal regions with low altitudes.

A perennial with coarse, lush green blades grow well in damp

soil. This grass grows well in the shade or in yards with full


Buffalo Grass:

This grass grows better when the climate rainfall is less than 20 inches

per year. Buffalo grass is drought-resistant and desires that warmer, dry


Centipede Grass:

Centipede grass is a slow-growing, weed-free grass, and its ability to

tolerate minimal maintenance makes it a popular grass to plant for

shade and sunny yards. This type of grass can also tolerate various


Bermuda Grass:

Many different types of Bermuda Grass grow throughout the southern region and are among the most popular. This

type of grass grows well in rocky, sandy soil and tolerates the warm

the climate in the South.

Bahia Grass:

Bahia grass is a more common type of grass that is resistant to

droughts and fluctuations in temperatures. This grassy turf is low

maintenance and grows in places where no other grass may grow.


Ryegrass is cold-tolerant. This type of grass is the most versatile, from

yards to pastures. It can be planted in the permanent ground or as a

temporary fill-in. There are many different types of this grass available

for purchase.

Fescue Grass:

Fescue grass is suitable for colder climates. This type of grass is heat and

drought-tolerant. It has been used in landscaping designs and can be used for many yards and fill-ins.

Most of these popular types of grass are available for landscaping yards and filling in pastures. Talking with a landscaping professional or your local home improvement center can be an option. This will take the guesswork out of which one to choose and what will work best for your yard. Some grass can be bought as plugs for filling in the bald spots or

from seed. There are many options to choose from, do your research or contact a professional if you have any questions on what would be a better option on your side of the fence.

Landscape Design

Please consider consulting a landscaping professional to design the perfect plan to transform your yard into a beautiful botanical garden. They can answer your questions better and help you choose the suitable turf for your yard. This partial list of the most popular or common types of grass grown in the United States is just part of your new landscape design consultation. A landscape designer can take your ideas of the perfect yard and bring them to life. Most landscaping companies can address yard issues and plans you may have in mind and create a

landscaping estimate. This estimate should include all the debris removal, soil retrieval, landscaping stones, plants, trees & turf additions, but most of those companies can design a plan around your budget.

Let's Talk About Grass

There are several blog posts about grass going around the internet. Let's talk about blogs from the other side of the fence. Blogs post are a way to get the word out there. It is a way to communicate to the world what you may have to offer someone. Most blogs are very informational, whether it's talking about plants and how to keep them healthy, planting the right perennials during the right season, or what turf you can walk barefooted that feels cushy under your feet. There is so much information out there, and everything you read may need to be validated. This is where a landscaping professional can help you with all your planning needs and help you take that next step with your design budget.

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