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When summer breaks and the weather heats up, lush lawns are in the dreams of every homeowner.  Soft blankets of verdant green grass enhance backyard barbecues and pool parties and make your yard the perfect place for the endless dog days of summer.


Why Hire A Landscaping Company?

A beautiful lawn not only attracts admiration, but it also repels harmful plants. A robust grass system will keep weeds and invasive plants from taking hold.  Maintaining a healthy lawn root system also reduces living space for harmful insects like ants and termites.  Cut-N-Edge offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on your new lawn, why risk your summer playground anywhere else?


Call Us Today

Cut-N-Edge is experienced in dealing with the yards of Mclendon-Chisholm, Texas homeowners. We can help make those dreams of plush green grass a reality.

Landscaping in Mclendon-Chisholm

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