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2022 Top Landscaping Trends

In 2022, the trends for landscape design are predicted to be dominated by many of the same concepts that have been popular over the past few years. However, new ideas are starting to become more prominent. Let's look at some of these trends and what they mean for home landscapers.

Curbless Driveways

Among the most extensive landscaping trends is moving away from traditional, curbed driveways. Curb-less driveways help lawns blend more seamlessly with any landscaping and make it easy to guide water toward plantings and drainage systems.

Sustainable Gardening

Many home gardeners are moving away from using hardscape materials like cement and gravel in their landscapes. Instead, they're focusing on sustainable materials and using native plants that help the environment and are easier to maintain in the long term.

Vertical Gardening

A big part of this is vertical gardening. These days, homeowners use trellises and other structures to grow plants upward instead of outward, resulting in a cleaner look and more usable yard space. In addition, vertical gardening is ideal for homeowners who are short on time, as it can cut down on the amount of weeding and watering needed.

Low-Water Landscaping

One of the most prominent trends among landscapers is using plants that require less water. Water is a precious commodity, and many experts say homeowners should only use native plants that typically require 30 percent less water.

Artistic Landscaping

Art and landscaping design are becoming more closely linked than ever. We're seeing homeowners use artistic concepts in their landscape designs, such as using large rocks to represent numbers or letters. These features can add a surprising amount of personality to your yard while keeping it practical and beautiful at the same time.

Outdoor Entertaining

Gardens aren't just for calming and relaxation anymore. In 2022, a typical landscape will likely include built-in grills, fire pits, and other amenities that make it easy for homeowners to host parties in their yard. In addition, outdoor kitchens, pizza ovens, and even full bars are becoming increasingly common.

Concrete Finishes

Another trend is concrete finishes for outdoor surfaces like floors and driveways. Concrete finishes are available in various colors and patterns, giving homeowners more options than ever to create unique and personalized landscapes.

More Yard Art!

Another trend-making news in the landscaping industry is yard art. More homeowners are adding statues, fountains, rocks, and other faux-finished items to make them more exciting and pleasing to the eye.

Get Your Landscaping On Trend For 2022!

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