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Does Landscaping Increase Home Value?

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

As a homeowner, it's worth considering any steps you can take to boost your home and property value. Unfortunately, landscaping is one of those things that many homeowners overlook when it comes to increasing their home value. Still, the truth is that landscaping can be an excellent tool for boosting your home's value.

Landscaping not only serves to improve a home's curb appeal, but research has demonstrated that it can increase the perceived value by up 15%. Virginia Tech found this after surveying homeowners and looking at plants in landscaping types, size, and layout.

Alex Niemiera, a horticulturist at Virginia Tech, researched the relationship between landscaping and home value. His work found a slight advantage to homeowners with professionally landscaped property over those who do not have any landscaping. The boost in attractiveness ranges from 5.5% to 12.7%. On average, landscaped homes have a value that is 3.6% higher than those without landscaping.

Our research into this topic found that five things increase your home's value through landscaping. They include:

Increased Curb Appeal

Many real estate agents have commented on how common it is for potential buyers to drive or walk by a property and decide if they want to look at it or not based on the landscaping. Most buyers will not even step foot in the house without taking a glance outside first. If you have an aesthetically pleasing yard, you can expect your home to sell faster (3% higher closing price) and for more money.

Lowers Noise Levels

Another great benefit of landscaping is that it can lower the noise levels around the home. People that reside in noisy areas are more likely to suffer from stress and insomnia, which slow healing time and productivity at work. Thus, a professionally landscaped yard not only looks good but gives off a sense of tranquility.

Boosts Privacy

According to Houzz, landscaping is the number one way to create more privacy in your home. Since some yards contain dense trees and shrubs along with natural barriers such as fences and walls, it can give you a private space that many homeowners desire.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

An average house loses up to 20% of its heat through poor insulation. When you have appropriate landscaping, it acts as an insulator between the home and outdoor elements, such as wind.

Increased Value to Potential Buyers

One of the most significant benefits of landscaping is that it gives homeowners more options when selling their houses. Unfortunately, growing grass is not that easy, nor keeps up with all those plants and bushes in the yard. If you're away from home more often, it can be even harder to maintain an attractive landscape in your yard.

To learn more about landscaping and find ways to increase the value of your Garland, Texas area property, please visit our landscaping page!

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