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Fall Is Here

Now that the air is cooler and the leaves are falling, it is time to get your lawn ready for next spring. Many homeowners believe that lawn care is not as important during the fall season, but now is the right time to hire a professional landscaping company to help you prepare for the cold months ahead.

Why is It Important to Prepare Now?

With the cooler temperatures, plants tend to grow more slowly, which makes many homeowners think they do not need to pay as much attention to their lawn’s upkeep. However, as the temperature drops, plants are drinking up as much moisture and nutrients as possible so they can handle dormancy during the frigid winter months. With a little planning and preparation now, you can have a beautiful lawn when spring blooms. Here’s how a professional landscaping company can help you with your lawn care needs.

Mow and Trim

Mowing and watering your grass should continue through the fall season. Trim dead tree limbs and overgrown bushes and prune ornamental plants, so they are better able to withstand winter and bloom more easily next spring.

Rake the Leaves

No one likes to rake leaves or grass, but when you are preparing your lawn for winter, it’s important not to have any debris on the ground. Dead, wet leaves and grass can kill the grass underneath creating stubborn bald spots and possibly breeding fungal diseases. 

If you have bare spots, Fall is a good time to fix them. After scratching the soil loose at the affected spot, apply a lawn repair mixture or put down new sod to make your yard look beautiful again. A landscape professional can advise you about what your lawn needs.

Aerate and Fertilize

Aerating your lawn allows oxygen, water, and fertilizer to penetrate the roots more deeply. In fact, Fall is the best time to fertilize so the roots can get the extra nutrients it needs to grow now while storing a healthy portion for spring. 

Herbicides should also be applied to control weeds and unwanted grasses. Weeds are preparing for winter too, which means they may rob your desired plants from getting all the nutrients they need. It’s important that all chemicals are applied safely and correctly. Allow a landscape professional to do this for you especially if you own a large lot (over three acres).

Add Seasonal Color and Mulch

Just because winter is coming doesn’t mean that your lawn can’t look beautiful now. Choose seasonal colors and Texas-friendly plants such as Mexican Bush Sage, Copper Canyon Daisies, Chrysanthemums, and Fall Aster that continue making your lawn a living landscape. Follow up by laying mulch to protect the roots against freezing winter temperatures. 

A professional landscaping company can help you with all your lawn care needs, so you are ready for Spring. They can evaluate your lawn’s needs, make recommendations, and safely ensure that your lawn is at its healthiest and best all year round. Call Cut-N-Edge Lawn & Landscape today for a free, no-obligation estimate.


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