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Fall Planting Guide

The autumn is a great time to rethink your lawn and landscaping. If you want to add some variety and a splash of color is with annual flowers. Routine lawn care maintenance during this season is also critical for a healthy lawn in spring.

People who live in the Rockwall, Texas area, will find these fall planting guide suggestions helpful:

Add Color And Variety - Annual flowers that thrive during the fall season include violas, pansies, snapdragons, kale, and cabbage. Planting any of these varieties provides property owners with striking bursts of color. Bring life to boring flower beds or dull fencelines with beautifully vivid flowers and plants.

Plant In Ideal Locations - Like all plant varieties, annual flowers have their preferences for sunlight, water, and shade. Planting bulbs in the wrong place doesn't help them thrive. If the fall annual requires lots of sunshine, make sure that it has it. For the maximum amount of wow factor and curb appeal, consider planting them near walkways, entranceways, and other areas of your home that would benefit from some extra beauty.

Fall Annuals Are Excellent Container Plants - In some cases, you may prefer to add container gardens to your home. For instance, container gardens are perfect for creating a welcoming and visually appealing front porch or entranceway that is perfect for greeting guests.

If entertaining is high on your 'to-do' list, fall annual container plants are also ideal for hosting autumn or Thanksgiving parties. They add beauty to any place, including barns, homes, and businesses.

Maintain Your Lawn - Don't overlook the importance of providing your lawn with the care it needs during the windier fall months. To make Spring lawn care more manageable, keep your yard free from fallen leaves. By removing them now, you save the headaches of contending with them later. If you allow leaves to accumulate and sit, they are more difficult and bothersome to remove once spring arrives. Watering, feeding, and mowing schedules may also get adjusted to account for lower temperatures and slower growth during autumn months.

Call The Experts For Landscape Design In Rockwall, Texas

The landscape surrounding your home plays an essential role in the overall beauty of your property. Residents of the Rockwall, Texas area, who want to make their landscaping more expressive and eye-catching, are smart to choose a landscaping company that specializes in landscape design.

With several years of experience serving residential and commercial clients throughout the region, Cut-N-Edge Lawn & Landscape offers customized services to help clients meet their fall planting and lawn care maintenance needs.

Get in contact with us today to discuss your autumn lawn care and landscaping needs.

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