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Get Your SOD Installed Before Spring!

The weather is rapidly growing warmer, and soon summer will be upon us. Early spring is an essential time regarding landscaping and gardening in your yard. If you are considering a SOD installation, now is a great time to do it.

Cut-N-Edge Lawn & Landscape is the premier SOD installation company in Rockwall, Texas. We are professionals you can trust with all of your landscaping needs. We have extensive experience planning, preparing, and installing SOD.

Beat the Heat!

The dog days of summer are hard on everyone. It can get so hot here that going outside of the air conditioning is plain uncomfortable. Did you know that the summer heat is also hard on your lawn?

Heat stress can kill new plants and new grass in particular. To give your SOD installation the best chance of making it, you should plant it now while it is still cool. Time is of the essence.

If you install the SOD now in early spring, it will have time to start to grow before the peak heat of summer. This is especially important concerning the roots of the grass. If the grass has had adequate time to develop roots, then it will be better able to draw moisture out of the soil and survive the heat. 

Installing your SOD now will also maximize the amount of growth it can have all year. If you plant now, your new grass will be able to grow for an extended time before the winter dormancy period. This will enable it to become established in your yard.

A SOD planting is a significant investment on your part. You care about making your lawn look great. Consider installing your SOD now to protect your investment better.

Choose from our Variety of Species.

At Cut-N-Edge Lawn & Landscape, we can provide and install several different species of grass in your yard. Selecting the right species of SOD for your needs is essential. We can offer the following species:

● Bermuda ● TIFF419 ● St. Augustine ● Zoysia

In addition to your preferences, it is important to consider a few environmental factors when choosing grass species for your yard. Things like irrigation, sunlight, and soil type need to be taken into consideration. These ecological factors play a prominent role in the health of your grass.

Before your installation, one of our professionals will evaluate your yard for these factors and provide a species recommendation. Additionally, we will assess whether anything else can be done to ensure the health of your new grass. We may suggest things like trimming tree branches to maximize the amount of sunlight that can reach your new lawn.

Nature and landscaping are all about timing. If you are considering new SOD this year, then give us a call now before spring! Cut-N-Edge Lawn & Landscape are the experts you can trust with your lawn.


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