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How Important Is Your Landscaping to Your Estate

A luxury lawn is a perfect way to accentuate your residential estate. A custom home deserves an equally beautiful and eye-catching landscape.

Terraces, retaining walls, privacy walls, beautiful gardens, and other customized features add depth, character, and value to your property.

According to some reports, estate landscaping can add anywhere from 5 1/2% to almost 14% to you property value. On a $500,000 home, this could bump up your value anywhere from $27,500 to $70,000.

Popular landscaping ideas to beautify your grounds include courtyards, water features, decorative gardens, outdoor living spaces, privacy gates, and security fences.

Create The Illusion Of A Hillside

Much of Texas is known for being flat land, which many perceive as uninteresting and monotonous. The use of retaining walls and stepped terraces are an innovative way to create the illusion of homes built on a hillside.

The trick is creating a focal point that moves the eye upward without having to add layers of topsoil and other ground covers.

Stepped and sunken stepped terraces are ideal for growing flowers, plants, and foliage. When working with a trusted landscaping company, the contractor will make sure to select the best greenery for the areas where they'll get planted.

Create A Grand Entrance

Grand entrances add elegance and opulence to your home. Circular driveways are stately and make it easier for people to enter and exit your drive. Fountains add refinement and distinction to your driveway.

Privacy or security gates are an ideal way to keep unauthorized people from entering your property without buzzing in first. Adding security cameras and smart technology to your entranceway provides further surveillance for peace of mind.

Enhance Your Pool Area

If you have an inground pool, having a landscaper add features such as decorative flowers and bushes around your privacy or security fence helps transform the pool deck.

Additionally, you might consider adding an outdoor kitchen or a fireplace to add functionality and fun to your pool area.

Planters And Monument Details

Planters and monuments help create focal points throughout your grounds. Planters allow you to get creative without ripping up your existing lawn.

Sculptures and monuments complement flower and water gardens. Rock wall fountains, fountain statues, and kinetic garden sculptures add a peaceful serenity and calming effect to your grounds.

Consult With Landscaping Experts

Do you need help deciding which features would suit your home best? If so, consulting with a landscaping contractor can help you with ideas and blueprints to help you visualize the grounds around your home.

Home and property owners in Rockwall, Texas, can contact the experts at Cut-N-Edge Lawn & Landscape. With a long history of landscape planning, groundskeeping, and maintenance needs, you can trust us to handle all of the details.

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