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Maintaining The Perfect Texas Landscape

It's no secret that it takes a great deal of work, skill, and dedication to maintain picture-perfect grounds at your home. To keep your landscaping looking the very best, here are some helpful tips brought to you by the landscape design team at Cut-N-Edge Lawn and Landscaping in Rockwall, Texas.

Grass Growing Tips

Nothing is more appealing than a lush lawn of grass. Healthy grass results from proper care during every season of the year.

In the spring, bare areas should get a fresh seed layer once soil temperatures reach 70 degrees, typically in April. Also, complete a soil test to find out if your lawn needs fertilization. If it does, wait until your grass lawn is at least 50% green before applying fertilizer.

Watering and mowing schedules should get adjusted for the conditions of the lawn and the season of the year to stimulate growth.

Care For Shrubs And Trees

Spring is the most optimal time to replace or freshen the mulch around hedges, shrubs, and flowers. Use this time to inspect each plant, and if any look diseased or infested with insects, removing and replacing them is suggested.

Tree and shrub pruning is a job best suited for late winter and early spring tasks. To preserve the health of the plant, pruning before fresh growth starts are best.

Homeowners who utilize trees and shrubs for security and privacy purposes around their property's perimeter or home should trim back overgrowth to keep everything looking tidy and orderly.

Landscape Design

Beautiful landscaping doesn't happen by accident! If you're feeling uninspired by your outdoor environment, a custom landscape design can breathe new life and energy into your surroundings.

Whether you wish to add splashes of color with flower gardens or live more sustainably using raised garden beds for tomatoes or other fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers, custom landscape design can help you achieve your goals.

Before planting anything, you'll want to be sure they can withstand Texas' climate. Choosing plants that have a matching hardiness zone of 8a and 8b helps align you with growing success. Plants that do well in Central Texas landscaping designs include:

  • Bluebonnets

  • Blackfoot daisies

  • Dahlberg daisies

  • Esperanzas

  • Fall asters

  • Hibiscus perennials

  • Iris

  • Larkspurs

  • Oxblood lilies

  • Petunias

  • Poppies

  • Purple coneflowers

  • Snapdragons

  • Zinnias

If you have upcoming plans to sell your home, attractive landscaping can add 5.5% to up to 13% to your home's value. On a $300K home, this equals to $16K to $38K extra!

Even if you aren't ready to sell right away, this is an investment that makes your property more attractive and enjoyable while you stay.

If you could use a hand with custom landscaping, lawn design, and maintenance, call the professionals at Cut-N-Edge Lawn today! We're proud to serve all of Rockwall, Texas.

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