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Using Decorative Gravel in Your Landscape Design

Have you ever taken notice of a property that utilizes decorative gravel in their luxury landscaping? If so, it isn't surprising! The smart use of decorative gravel offers property owners several benefits, making it a popular landscaping choice.

Here are a number of the most notable benefits of adding decorative gravel to your residential lawn and landscape.

Cost - Decorative gravel is generally inexpensive and can help to add splashes of color about your property. It is an ideal base cover for areas around decks, porches, used as a garden feature, or to create pathways without laying permanent concrete or pavers.

Easy Maintenance - While some minimal maintenance is required to keep decorative gravel looking nice, it isn't much. If you notice a buildup of debris collecting on your decorative gravel, using a leaf blower on a low setting helps to clear it away. Having extra decorative gravel stored away is helpful if you need to fill in uneven areas.

Go Weed Free - Incorporating decorative gravel helps reduce the number of weeds that grow in your lawn. However, to ensure you get this benefit, it's critical to use a landscape fabric that deters unwanted plant growth.

If you're unable to use landscape fabric, you can still use decorative gravel, which will inhibit plant growth. They are ideal for use in plant boxes, around or underneath fire pits, and in other landscaping features.

Controlling Water - Decorative gravel installed in areas prone to water can help control drainage and runoff. Decorative gravel provides enhanced drainage, which prevents puddles from forming.

It can also help avoid issues or damages to the foundation or basement of your home. Leaks, cracks, and other water damage are inconvenient and expensive to repair, especially compared to the relatively inexpensive cost of decorative gravel.

Luxury Look - There's nothing more stunning than a beautifully appointed, luxury landscape. Cut-N-Edge Lawn and Landscape is available to create luxury landscaping designs in the Rockwall, Texas area.

Whether you want to beautify your pool area, re-envision grand entrance, or need a custom decorative gravel project, our experienced luxury lawn care and landscaping professionals are here to assist.

Add Character Without Breaking The Bank

If you're thinking about improving your lawn, decorative gravel could be the best solution. With various styles, sizes, and colors of decorative gravel available, we can create dramatic or simple blueprints to help you achieve your desired look.

Whether you are feeling inspired or prefer to leave all the details to luxury landscaping professionals, Cut-N-Edge Lawn And Landscape is here to help.

Contact us to discuss your landscaping project and get a free estimate on our comprehensive lawn care services. We're always pleased to work with new and returning commercial and residential clients.

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