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Why Proper Landscaping Drainage Matters

If you live in Texas and are planning on landscaping in your yard or front of your home, you have plenty of options. However, no matter what style you choose for your gardening project, it is imperative that you have a proper drainage system. Several issues can arise with improper landscape drainage. Proper drainage matters for several reasons.

Drainage Problems

While water must penetrate your lawn and any plants adorning your landscaping to live, if the water flows improperly, it can have the opposite effect. You can experience an inadequate water supply, which can result in your lawn becoming dry, dull, and eventually dead. If there is too much water seeping out from your drainage, it can drown your lawn and all the plants in your landscape and result in puddling, which can create a flooding issue in your yard. In the worst case scenario, this issue can lead to flooding in your home if the lawn is too close to the house.

Avoiding Drainage Problems

Generally speaking, in Texas, you have a higher risk of drainage problems in your landscape design due to a number of reasons. The land grading and soil composition can affect it and result in your lawn become flooded or conversely, not getting enough water.

First and foremost, to effectively avoid drainage problems in your garden, you must hire a landscaping company to tackle it for you. They are professionals and know how to help you to prevent this problem or fix it for you. There are several techniques that a professional landscaper can use to rectify the issue of improper drainage.

Solutions for Drainage Problems

There are a variety of solutions to drainage problems. The one used depends on the specific drainage issue affecting your landscape design. Water can be drained away from your home through one of the following methods:

  • Corrugated Tubes: Corrugated tubes can either be buried in the ground or above the ground to divert water away from your home, garage or shed and to parts of your landscaping that require more water.

  • Dry Well: With dry well drainage, the water is diverted to an underground well to allow it to return to the soil. This is one of the more environmentally-friendly options.

  • French Drain: The French drain option involves diverting the water into the ground so that it can seep into the sewer.

  • Grassy Swale: This option drains water away from your home or other structure by allowing it to roll down a hill. From there, the water can absorb into the soil on the other side of the hill.

  • Planned Bog: A planned bog is usually used with another method to divert water away from buildings to plants that need more water.

If you reside in Texas and need professional landscapers to help you find a better drainage solution, contact Cut-N-Edge Lawn at your earliest convenience.

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