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Winter Landscaping Tips in Texas

Many people think that they do not have to do anything to their yard during the winter months. However, one of the keys to having a nice-looking yard is to take care of it during the winter. You can always call a professional landscaping company if you do not want to take care of the tasks yourself. There are many things to be done to care for the lawn during the wintertime.

Prep Your Lawn

Your grass probably won't grow during the winter months. However, you will still have to care for it. You will need to fertilize and re-seed your lawn. The roots grow deeper into the ground during the winter months. A professional can tell you what you need to do to keep weeds out of your lawn. They can also tell you when you need to apply herbicides.

Prune Your Hedges And Shrubs

Pruning your hedges and shrubs will encourage healthy growth. It can be difficult for you to make the perfect trim, which is why you should hire a professional. It is also a good idea to apply some mulch at the base of the bushes.

Trim the Trees

Overhanging trees can put your safety at risk. If you trim your tree branches, then you can prevent them from hitting the power lines. You will also be able to keep the branches out of the gutter system and away from your house. Professionals know how to remove the branches without doing any damage to the trees.

Prep the Landscape Fixtures

Plants make up a lot of your landscape. However, you will have to pay attention to the landscape fixtures such as the walkways and patios. The temperature and humidity changes can cause stone and concrete to shift. Uneven settling can cause significant problems if it is not fixed.

Make sure that you keep pooling water and debris away from your walkways and patios. You may also want to add some gutter extensions. If you have an inground pool, then you will need to have it winterized. You will need to put a cover over your above ground pool and hot tub.

If you need a landscaping company, then contact Cut-N-Edge Lawn & Landscape. We can keep your property looking great all year long!

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