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Winter Tree Trimming in Texas

The landscaping around your Texas home is like the crowning jewel of your property. Beautiful, healthy trees, shrubs, bushes, and gardens add curb appeal and distinctive style to your residence.

While the last thing on your mind during the colder winter months might be your lawn, this time of the year is the perfect time to start preparing your trees and foliage for the upcoming growing season.

Tree trimming services provided by a professional landscaping company during the colder season of the year offers several benefits.

Get Ready For Spring - Springtime is a busy time when it comes to home care. Why not tackle one of your property care tasks beforehand?

Wintertime pruning takes one of your jobs off your tasklist when the weather starts to clear. One of the advantages of doing this task in the winter is trees without leaves are more clear to inspect for structural weaknesses, examine for overlapped branches, and complete needed maintenance.

Keep Your Trees Healthy - While you might believe the best time to trim trees is in the spring, the opposite is true. Spring pruning can damage trees. During the Spring months, the plant is revitalizing with nutrients, so errant cuts can cause damages such as shrinkage.

Trimming and pruning your trees in the winter also promotes healthy growth when spring arrives. Any branches with signs of disease get removed, so they don't contribute to the further spread of the bug to other areas of the tree.

Protect Your Precious Assets

By removing overgrown, weak, or damaged limbs, you're taking steps to protect your family and your home from fallen or broken limbs.

Unhealthy trees can get toppled from high winds or severe storms. Fallen trees can crush your roof or land on vehicles or persons, potentially causing death, acute injuries, or physical damages.

If trees are closely located to your home or outbuildings, falling limbs can damage shingles, which can result in water damages, which are costly, inconvenient, and messy. Regular inspections and maintenance help to identify potentially problematic limbs from causing severe losses to your home.

Other areas to ensure clearance include walkways, near power lines, and driveways. By keeping clearance, you are less likely to have issues with line complications, or fallen limbs landing on vehicles or pedestrians.

Call A Professional Landscaping Company In Rockwall, Texas

If you're a property owner in the Rockwall, Texas area, and you would like to get a headstart on your springtime cleanup projects, call the experts at Cut-N-Edge Lawn & Landscape to schedule the winter pruning of your trees. Our experienced team is available for planned or emergency tree trimming and pruning services. Contact us today to talk about your wintertime tree trimming and landscaping needs.

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