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Add a New Irrigation System or Repair an Old One

Updated: Jun 11, 2018

With Spring comes visions of flowers, fresh vegetable and sunny days. Many stores start putting out seeds immediately after January l, which are purchased by people with plans for planting and obtaining the benefits of beautiful flowers and fresh vegetables.

Texas is one of the locations in the country that suffered from severe weather in 2017, including tornadoes and flooding. This is especially true in Dallas and the surrounding area. Naturally, irrigation systems, sprinklers, landscaping and other property designs have been damaged throughout the area. Many people have found their entire irrigation and sprinkler systems destroyed.

Now, prior to planting season, is the time to have your irrigation and your sprinkler systems inspected to make sure they are in working condition. In addition to climatic changes, rust is one of the most damaging problems if you have an old system that used corrugated pipe.

We, at Cut-N-Edge, will be happy to examine your current irrigation system and make any pipe or sprinkler repair required to sure you are ready for the upcoming growing season. One of our experts will be happy to make a thorough inspection and give you a free estimate with no obligation on your part.

With over 20 years in the business, Cut-N-Edge has been happy to furnish full service residential and commercial lawn, irrigation and landscaping to our neighbors in and around the Dallas, Texas area. Whether you have a commercial or residential location, we have the equipment and personnel to assure your irrigation or sprinkler system is sufficient to take care of every inch of your property.

The installation of a proper landscaping layout including sprinklers and a proper irrigation system is essential to be sure water is dispersed correctly. This is what makes your outdoor area an important asset to the overall worth of the property. Another service our company offers is a weekly maintenance service, which will assure your property looks its very best at all times.

In addition to irrigation systems and sprinkler repair and installation, we also do grading, leveling, custom fences, water features, flowerbed prepping and everything to make sure you have a beautiful lawn, flowerbed or vegetable area on your property.

We are proud to offer the following:

• Expert lawn and installation experts

• Free estimate on the phone, in person or by e-mail

• High quality materials

• Comparative prices

• Insured and bonded personnel

Whether cleaning up a property in the fall, preparing soil and equipment for planting, adding fertilization/weed control materials, or any of the many things to assure you have property that shows excellent care, we are there for you. Give us a call today at 972-202-7791, or send us an e-mail from our online site, and we will be happy to discuss how we can make your property a thing of beauty.


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