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Add Color to Your Landscape This Winter

As winter approaches, most people tend to disregard the planting potential to add seasonal color. Just because the leaves are falling and flowers have died back until Spring doesn't mean your garden can't thrive. Let's discuss a few of the planting opportunities that the winter brings.

Winter Planting Guide

Holly Bushes - An excellent choice for any landscape. With over four hundred varieties, there is a perfect holly for any garden. With lush, colorful berries, these bushes can add a lovely sense of holiday cheer.

Lenten Roses - A beautiful evergreen with blooming rose-like flowers in many different colors like red, maroon, white, pink, and chartreuse.

Pansies - These flowers are a favorite amongst homeowners each year — an excellent choice for garden edging with long-lasting blooms and tons of color options.

Winter Jasmine - Great climbing vine well suited for a wall or trellis can reach heights of seven feet and makes an excellent ornamentation piece.

Hire a Professional Landscaper

For years, Cut-N-Edge has been a premier choice for high-end luxury landscaping in Rockwall, Texas. Our team of professionals has the experience and equipment to tackle any size project. Have an idea you'd like to bring to life finally? Our landscape design team can help turn your dream into reality.

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