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Give Your Landscaping a Modern Design

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Attractive landscape design is the crowning glory of your property. Clean lines and an uncluttered layout define today's modern landscape design. Homes with contemporary styling are ideal for this type of landscaping design. Additionally, it can provide an interesting juxtaposition for residences with traditional architectural styling.

Modern Landscaping Design Planning

When laying out modern landscape design, multiple components come into play. The size of the property, materials, plants, and the desired outcome of the project must get considered. A majority of features in modern landscaping include planters, patios, steps, and concrete pathways. Metal and wood accents aren't uncommon.

Concrete and stone is durable and creates dramatic lines that are appealing. Flowers and foliage planted symmetrically temper these hard edges to make it more attractive to the eye.

Inviting Pathways

Homeowners with expansive properties may opt to add pathways throughout their yard. Inviting paths to your pool area, gardens, and outbuildings are highly functional and convenient. Generally, long winding trails get replaced by direct and straight paths.

Adding solar lighting along the way helps to provide illumination along sidewalks, paths, and driveways is a beautiful added touch.

When choosing plants to decorate, popular choices include bamboo, Japanese boxwoods, mountain laurel, and foxtail ferns because they're easy to maintain and look lovely in modern landscaping design layouts.

Maintain Clean Lines

Regardless of the plants and materials you're leaning towards in your modern landscaping design, geometry plays a significant role in your overall plan.

Do you want the area to have specific focal points, or do you prefer the sum of all the parts to create a captivating landscape?

Remember, working in squares and rectangles helps to maintain clean lines, which are a critical component of modern landscaping design plans.

Whatever you decide, a landscaper in Rockwall can help you to achieve the look you desire. If you're unsure what type of design would work best on your property, consulting with a professional landscaping company can help you with inspiration and ideas.

With years of experience working with residential and commercial customers, they can offer advice on what configuration would work best to accentuate your home.

Outdoor Living Spaces You Love

The result of modern landscaping design is creating an impressive facade to the front of your property, and functional living space to your backyard. Your living space could include a fire pit, outdoor kitchen, pergola, custom pool, and more. We work directly with you to customize your outdoor living space and our team recommends other local vendors who may help with additional services like, Deck and Fence companies, Rockwall Electricians, and Rockwall pool builders.

When you work with a company like Cut-N-Edge, they can help you to create a high-end luxury design that you're sure to love.

Our services are ideal for new home-building projects and improvements to existing homes throughout the Rockwall, Texas area. If you're interested in adding a modern flair to your home, get in touch to request an estimate on professional landscaping services.

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