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Landscaping Can Increase The Value of Your Home

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

When you drive past homes in your neighborhood, there's nothing more eye-catching than a well-manicured lawn. Not surprisingly, professional landscape design can significantly increase the market value - and marketability - of your home if you're thinking about selling anytime soon.

Curb Appeal Can Quicken The Sale

A majority of today's homebuyers are searching for turnkey properties that are ready to move in to without a lot of extra work or making significant improvements.

Most realtors suggest that adding even the most essential landscape design elements can help update the property and boost appeal to potential buyers.

According to sources, professional landscaping design completed by a landscaping company can add anywhere from $16K to $38K of value to a $300K home. For every dollar you spend, there's the potential to earn $1.35 back - or a 135% return!

Should you not have plans to sell your home, the ASLA (American Society of Landscape Architects) recommends that homeowners budget 10% of their home's value for landscaping while living in their house. With that same mindset, you should also consider protecting your windows and your homes inside from the sun. Your windows are also a visual to your homes outside and compliment your landscape design. We recommend looking into home window tinting company.

Choosing The Right Upgrades For Your Home

Now you've learned about the importance of landscape design; the next step is deciding which improvements are best for your property.

Here are a few of the popular landscaping options from which to choose.

Shrubs And Hedges - Adding and maintaining softscape features such as hedges and shrubs can boost property value by as much as 3.6% alone.

Outdoor Living Areas - Homes with outdoor living areas, including patios, fire pits, kitchens, and lighting, are in high demand. Not only will you benefit from enjoying this space while you live in your home, but this feature can also increase your property value substantially.

Water Features - Adding water features to your landscape adds a calming feeling to your landscaping. Popular types of water features include fountains, ponds, corner waterfalls, and sunken gardens. Fire and water features combine these two key elements into one eye-catching landscape feature.

Regular Care - If you don't have the time, energy, or equipment to maintain your lawn, hiring a professional landscaping company helps ensure your property always looks its best and stops the potential for overgrowth and the appearance of neglect.

Grand Entrances - Nothing oozes class and sophistication more than a grand entrance at your home. Whether you want to increase privacy and security or want your home to be the best looking one on the block, fencing, gates, foilage, and fountains all add extra razzle-dazzle to your home.

Are you ready to start on a landscape project that increases the value of your home in Rockwall, Texas?

If so, call Cut-N-Edge Lawn & Landscape to discuss your project with a local landscaping expert. We're here to assist clients with all aspects of landscaping design, maintenance, and care.

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