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What Is A Modern Landscape Design?

As a homeowner, a well-manicured and modern landscape can help increase the curb appeal of your home and add value and define your surroundings. Professional landscape companies specialize in helping residential and commercial clients create a modern landscape design explicitly tailored to their needs and property.

Thematically, a modern landscape design relies on straight lines and sharp edges and an emphasis on solid geometry and bold colors.

Simplicity Rules In Modern Landscape Design

Among the most notable principles of landscape design is simplicity. From concrete pathways to minimal plantings to essential fencing, the modern design is about stripping away unnecessary aspects of a landscape. Of course, clean lines and bold colors are crucial to creating that "wow" factor that contemporary landscaping strives for, but simplicity is key.

But simplicity doesn't have to mean boring. In a landscaping plan that prioritizes clarity, homeowners can inject their style and preferences into the design. A modern landscape works best when it incorporates elements of surprise and whimsy, so go ahead and add some decorative aspects to your hardscape or plantings.

Some Ideas for a modern landscape design include:

Front Elevations - Front elevations can help create the illusion of a larger home. By using simple, clean lines and adding a few well-placed plants, you can define your home's exterior and make a statement.

Hardscaping - A well-designed patio or pathway can be the perfect addition to any modern landscape. Use concrete, pavers, or stone to create a functional and stylish hardscape.

Plantings - Homeowners can complement strong hardscapes with a variety of plantings. The possibilities are endless, from desert succulents to bold annuals; you can even do both in some cases!

Sculptures - Rather than using plants as a focal point, consider installing garden sculptures instead. Modern sculptures can add an elegant twist, while traditional sculptures can add distinction and style.

Feature Walls - Feature walls can be used to highlight a specific area of your yard and provide structure, as well as personality. A feature wall doesn't have to break the bank either; you can stack some stones or lay some pavers on your own.

Modern Landscape Design Includes Ecological Awareness

Many homeowners consider green initiatives when designing their landscapes. By incorporating native plants and pre-existing ecosystems into the design, you can maintain a more sustainable landscape on your property.

Any steps that homeowners take to support native flora and fauna will help create a healthy and beautiful ecosystem. Additionally, homeowners can reduce their water usage by using low-water plants and rain gardens.

Quality Workmanship is Everything

If you're a homeowner in Rockwall, Texas, needing help with modern landscape projects, contact the professionals at Cut N Edge Lawn to discuss your project today!

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