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Re-Design Your Estates Landscape In 2021

As the saying goes - 'Out with the old, and in with the new!" If one of the projects in your pipeline for 2021 is making upgrades and improvements to your home or Texas estate, don't overlook how luxury landscaping design can benefit you.

Expert Landscape Design In Rockwall, Texas

Cut-N-Edge Lawn & Landscape creates and maintains stunning customized luxury landscapes for clients throughout the Rockwall, Texas area.

Our expert designers and landscaping crew understand the unique challenges of maintaining an immaculate lawn. Further, they apply their knowledge to create a nature scape that complements your estate.

Among the most enduring qualities of high-end landscaping is a well-manicured lawn. (Think lush green grass, with perfect mow lines!) Often, this is the foundation for other opulent features that make the property stand out.

Some of the most popular requests from clients include:

Tiered Gardens - Adding tiered gardens to your property is a perfect way to add more depth and character to your home and surrounding lands. Using a variety of native plants and flowers within these tiered gardens adds color and beauty.

Fountains and Statuary - Fountains and statuary add distinction and style to grand entrances, gardens, and pool areas.

Hedges and Topiaries - Well manicured hedges and topiaries can serve multiple purposes, including being purely decorative or implemented to boost privacy and security. Well kept hedges, bushes, and shrubs add appealing borders around property lines and front gates.

Outdoor Living Areas - Outdoor living spaces add more options for relaxing, entertaining, and enjoying time at home. Some of the features and amenities you might find in an outdoor living area could include full kitchen space, firepits, and cozy living areas perfect for enjoying some time outdoors any time of the year.

Custom Lighting Solutions - Customized lighting solutions are perfect for illuminating entranceways, backyard areas, driveways, and more. Types of luxury outdoor lighting options include porch lightings such as sconces, pendant lighting, LED, and solar lighting.

Regardless of which luxury landscaping design features you decide to add to your estate, it's essential to perform all needed care and maintenance to keep your lawn looking flawless all year long.

Make 2021 The Year For Your Luxury Landscape Design

With the new year just underway, you have the perfect opportunity to turn your estate landscaping from drab to fab!

Not only do you reap the benefits of having a meticulous landscape, but this sensible upgrade can increase your overall home and estate value by as much as 15%.

If you'd like to learn more about getting luxury landscaping design for your Texas estate, contact the experts at Cut-N-Edge Lawn & Landscape for more information today! We're always happy to work with new and returning clients.

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